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David H. Jenkins is an acclaimed photographer who has traveled half way around the world bringing life to film. The images he has captured has launched numerous national and international advertising campaigns. David's substantial career started in the early 80's when he was assigned as a staff photographer for some of the top catalog houses in Chicago. In the past 25 years David Jenkins has mastered the ability to capture enticing color rich images. He has perfected his creation of the "Power Portrait" photograph technique, with which he captures the power and spirit of his clientele on film, producing timeless, provocative images.
Fine Art Photography was a natural progression for him. He wanted to create images that showed his full creative capacity. In January 2008, he officially began a Fine Art Photography division of David Jenkins Photography, and has already exhibited in the Murphy Hill Gallery, the Gerald Griffin Gallery, and the DuSable Museum.
David Jenkins Photography offers commercial studio facilities in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta

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David Jenkins Photography Banner
Creative Excellence in Advertising (CEBA) Award Winner
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